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Explore Big Sky 2021 Gift and Gear Guide – Explore Big Sky


Duckworth: Women’s Comet Tunnel Hoodie and Men’s Comet Hoodie

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$ 150

Get back to basics with the Duckworth Comet Long Sleeve Crew. In both men’s and women’s fits, the merino wool base layer top keeps the chill out, even on Montana’s coldest winter days. Duckworth’s Comet fabric is a natural technical blend, combining an outer layer of pure Montana-grown merino wool and a polyester inner layer that creates a hydrophobic, sweat-wicking shirt that keeps you warm no matter how harsh the weather. activity. Durable, soft, odor-resistant and hooded, the Comet Long Sleeve Crew will take the chill off the slopes to keep you warm until the After Celebrations.

Composition: outer layer 100% Montana merino wool, inner layer 100% American polyester

Weight: 275 g / m²

A Southwestern Montana Tradition: Tree Hunting

Now that you’re armed with a great Duckworth base layer, it’s time to follow a long-standing Southwestern Montana tradition of venturing into the woods and chopping your own Christmas tree. While friends and family may argue over the exact qualities that make the perfect holiday tree, nothing beats a brisk hike or cross-country ski in your favorite national forest to find it.

First, make sure you get a tree permit from Recreation.gov. There you will also find useful maps for knowing where to hunt the best tree closest to you. Forest Service guidelines ask you not to cut trees in campgrounds or parking lots, trails, picnic areas, or within 200 feet of streams or lakes.

Once you’ve chosen a location, pack a sled, gloves, warm diapers, and a small saw and go tree hunting!

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