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Automate Ads with Knorex XPO Artificial Intelligence | Nation / World


SUNNYVALE, Calif., December 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Creating native ads seems like a simple and straightforward task. Only when you need to produce them on a large scale with speed, consistency, speed, and variation. Leveraging Knorex’s proprietary AI engine, KAIROS; producing advertisements can now be faster and easier than ever before. KAIROS analyzes the provided destination URL and generates five ad variations with different creatives, headlines, and body text within seconds. Marketers can select the ones that best suit their ad campaign while still having the flexibility to fine-tune them further. This automation cuts the time it takes to create ads by more than half.

“Our business partners, including advertising agencies and businesses were faced with this essential, mundane but critical task of producing ads on programmatic channels, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and other advertising channels. see us to see how we can help automate that, “said Abhishek Kumar, vice president of engineering.” Drawing on our years of R&D expertise in AI / machine learning, the generation of natural language (NLG) and image recognition, our team took that to the task and designed this cutting-edge solution that can now help automate ad generation, including recommending potential ad copies, images and title, which helps provide options to speed up the ad generation process. Selected ads will be measured and tracked each time they go live, to provide data It’s real engagement that our AI KAIROS engine will use for optimization to improve ad generation. “

Knorex XPO aims to increase the efficiency of marketers and free up resources by automating many tedious but essential processes and tasks. With this new capability, marketers can further streamline their roles and focus more on higher value and strategic work such as campaign development and planning. To learn more about how this technology solution works or how Knorex XPO can help you automate your business, visit http://www.knorex.com.

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Knorex provides a cross-channel cloud marketing SaaS platform that enables ad buyers to advertise on social media, search, OTT / CTV, video, display, native, to deliver highly personalized marketing messages to the target audience in an automated, machine-powered way. learning. Backed by a data-driven, multi-layered approach, XPO simplifies end-to-end digital marketing execution and marketing campaign optimization, while delivering measurable performance.

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