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How to Make Money without Leaving Your Home


How many times while sitting on the couch with a remote control in hand, we told ourselves that we must look for a job that we will be able to do in our home. Thanks to it, firstly, we will not be bored, and secondly, our income can be significantly improved. And it is not a permanent job, which is our main source of income, but an additional job that will give us extra money.

Someone can say that it is not easy to find such an extra job. But is this true? The Internet gives us a lot of possibilities in this respect, so if we look around well and look, relatively quickly we will find the opportunity to get extra money. Below we will present a few of them, although of course there are many more.

– writing texts – the creators of websites, as well as people dealing with their positioning, constantly need different types of texts. Some of them must be of high quality, others slightly worse, so even people who do not consider themselves literate can write them. In the Internet, you can find many announcements related to writing texts, so you can find something for yourself. What’s more, there are special platforms on which written texts can be posted and waiting for someone to buy from us. When writing texts for 2 – 3 hours a day, you can add several hundred zlotys to your home budget.

– tutoring – who said that giving tutoring we have to meet our students directly? Thanks to modern technology, we can communicate with them, for example using the Skype communicator. In this way you can lead tutoring in languages, mathematics or history. There are several websites on the Internet that associate people looking for teachers with people who can teach lessons. And you do not need to have finished studies to lead such lessons. If we are good teachers, we will surely quickly find those who will improve their qualifications under our supervision.

– creating blogs and websites – for a few years now we’ve had fashion for having our own website or our own blog. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to create and run such a website or blog, and here there is the possibility of additional money for all those who have this idea. You can get money not only for creating a website or blog, but also for running them, that is adding texts or photos.

– transcription –

In simple terms, it is the transfer of sound statements to paper. A lot of people or companies need to write interviews, lectures, meetings, etc. This is a great way to get extra money. We receive an audio file from the clients, which we must save in a text file. A very simple task, especially for those who write on the keyboard efficiently.

translations – 

people who know foreign languages ​​can earn by translating various types of texts. In the network you can find a lot of orders related to texts on pages or translation of statements or interviews. No great language skills are required, as usually such texts are not too complicated.

filling out surveys –

A good way to make extra money, because it does not require any skills from us. There are many websites in the Internet network on which you can fill out various types of surveys and get money for it. The disadvantage of this system is that we will not get very high rates here, but every zloty counts in the home budget.

– handicrafts –


in order to do them, we must have some manual skills, but the profits from their sale may turn out to be very large. We can sell ready-made works on internet auctions, thanks to which we have access to an unlimited number of clients.

The examples given are just the tip of the iceberg, because there are many ways to work at home. All you need to do is look for the right portals (, and see what we can do to increase our income, and our financial situation is more stable.

Want To Know More About A Business Transfer?


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When you are an entrepreneur, you may not be aware of it. But when you retire, you will have to transfer your company to someone else. How does a business transfer work? What should you take into account? What are pitfalls, and how do you avoid them? What should you do to make the business transfer as successful as possible? All this is explained in this article.

Atlantis Financiers is an experienced financier for SMEs. We look at the form in which a loan suits your company best, but we dare to take more risks than the average financier. As a result, there are often more options than you may have in mind. In addition to financing, we are also specialized in debtor management .

If you are an entrepreneur, with a minimum annual turnover of € 250,000, you can submit a financing application using the form on the right. You will usually be contacted within 48 hours about the possibilities.

Transfer company to another

Transfer company to another

Most problems with a business transfer arise because they are started too late. When you are working hard to make your business a success, you probably don’t (often) think about a future business transfer. Yet this is certainly something that you should be concerned with. Consider, for example, to whom you want to transfer your company. If you wait too long to make plans and arrange the business transfer, this can have major financial consequences.

If you want to retire and have not yet arranged the business transfer, and potential buyers notice this, the price that you can ask for your business is getting lower. This naturally has consequences for your pension. In addition, it is important to look at the future of your company. Of course you want to get the highest possible price for your company, but also want to transfer a healthy company. That way it can be useful to invest in your business. Investments generally earn themselves back, so you don’t feel this in your wallet when you have to repay a credit.

Please note that a tax must be paid on a business transfer. If you do not know how this works, it is advisable to ask someone who knows about it. This way you will not be confronted with surprises and you will know for sure that everything is going as it should.

More information about financing

Take over a company

It is of course also possible that you have plans to take over an existing company from someone else. There are a number of things that you need to take into account when taking over a business. You may have to sign a confidentiality agreement (also known as a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)). This statement explains what must be kept secret and who may have access to the information. It also states what happens if you fail to comply with the confidentiality statement and for how long the statement applies.

Later in the process you must sign a letter of intent. The agreements made are recorded in this. You do not have to go to a notary for a declaration of intent. There is no fixed format for a declaration of intent. This can be a simple A4 sheet with a number of agreements, or a complete book with an extensive report on the sales situation, and possibly with a provisional purchase contract.

In addition to signing both statements, a valuation for the company must also take place. Note that the seller may not charge VAT on the sales price of the company. Request a sales memorandum for the value of the company. A sales memorandum includes the asking price and how it is structured. It also contains extensive company information. The value of the company is determined by looking at tangible assets. Is there a business premises? Are there company cars? What about the inventory? This all counts in the valuation of the company.

Finally, you have a duty to investigate. This means that you must find out whether the information you receive from the seller is correct. Due diligence is the most common method for this. Hereby you are investigated whether the fiscal, commercial, financial and legal information is correct. If you cannot solve it yourself, a consultant or accountant can help you.

More about debtor management

More about debtor management

Take over staff

When you become the owner of a company through a business transfer, you are obliged to take over the staff. In addition, you must not change the rights and obligations that the staff already had before you took over the company. You are required to report staff transfer to the Tax Authorities. If this is the first time that you have your own staff, you are also required to report this to the Tax Authorities.

Keep in mind that it takes time to have staff. For example, you must keep track of personnel administration. You must also withhold the wage tax and national insurance contributions from your staff before paying the wage. It can be useful to hire someone for personnel administration, especially if you do not know this yourself. That way you know that everything is arranged properly.

If you are an entrepreneur with a minimum annual turnover of € 250,000 and with a financing requirement, you have come to the right place at Atlantis Financiers. We are an experienced financier for SMEs. We look at the form in which a loan suits your company best, but we dare to take more risks than the average financier. As a result, there are often more options than you may have in mind. In addition to financing, we are also specialized in debtor management.

If you want a financing, you can submit a financing application via the button below. When we have received this correctly and completely, you will usually be contacted within 48 hours about the possibilities.

We only provide business loans. Unfortunately, if you do not meet the sales requirement, we cannot help you further.


Business Plan for an Online Store

Creating a company is not possible from one day to the next. Behind every successful business is a long planning phase that includes, in turn, a business plan. This serves as a support guide, summarizing all relevant information on the concept of business and business projects. The business plan must include specific data and important information, but also forecasts with a look to the future. It also includes estimates of development, opportunities and risks, as well as fundamental aspects such as financing and structures. Now, how is a business plan for eCommerce different from a traditional one? Are there specific guidelines for electronic commerce? Next, you will find all the necessary information for you to write the business plan of your online store.

Why is a business plan necessary?

Why is a business plan necessary?

For many, the business plan is an obligation (they do not understand the meaning). Especially the advanced entrepreneurs in the planning question their usefulness, and, in reality, every entrepreneur should synthesize at least once all the important data on planning, strategy and finance. However, it never hurts that every entrepreneur has all the important data on the planning, strategy and finances of his business at hand. In this way, it is possible to have a clear visual structure of the general idea of ​​the project. Whether to calculate the budget or time or to search for partners and investors, a business plan is a very useful tool for any entrepreneur. In addition, this is usually a relevant factor for financial partners when making decisions.

Components of a business plan

Components of a business plan

For every entrepreneur, a business plan is a guide for the creation and management of your company, logically also for eCommerce. To begin with, it is useful to ask for advice directly from a bank or a tax advisor. Otherwise, if none of those involved in the creation of the company have experience in finance, economic planning and budgeting will be difficult. While a large part of the drafting of a finance plan falls entirely into the hands of the founder, capitalization and amortization are, on the other hand, aspects of great complexity that will most likely require professional help.

Generally, business plans are very similar in structure. It begins with a summary that covers the most relevant details and that aims to awaken interest and inform the reader about the most important aspects. Therefore, the basic data of the project must be included, as well as the legal conditions of the same. The data that must be included at the beginning are:

  • Name and address of the company, as well as the person in charge
  • Creation date
  • Purpose or objectives of the company
  • Legal form
  • Structure of company property

Only then will it be possible to begin with the description of aspects of great importance such as:

Concept / executive summary

For both online commerce and traditional commerce, the business idea is an important component in any business plan . The biggest challenge is to go straight to the point by stating the objectives and goals of the company using just a couple of sentences. The language, with concise formulations, must be understandable and avoid unnecessary technical terms. Some entrepreneurs use the so-called elevator pitch or Elevator Pitch as a model to exemplify a discourse to promote or sell a project during the 60-second journey in an elevator. In that single minute you must find the time to synthesize the most important data about the goals of the company, its mission and its strategy to carry them out successfully.

Company Profile

The next step is the presentation of the founder or founding team. At this point you will list all your outstanding skills , including your professional background and experience in the industry. If the business plan is used for external matters such as financing or loans, this point should emphasize the most relevant Soft Skills, as well as the potential and experience of the founding team. On the other hand are the Hard Skills (technical or specific skills), and as regards eCommerce, the most relevant are:

  • Technical skills that may be useful during the programming, development and installation of online store software or content management system.
  • Marketing Skills that allow identifying, at least, one of the founders as experts in SEO, SEM or affiliate marketing. This point will always mean an advantage for the marketing strategies of any online store.
  • Logistic skills on the part of the founder or one of the members of the founding team in ERP systems, as well as in the processing of shipments and returns.

Financial skills (accounting, financial management, billing, etc.), service skills and legal experience are also important.

Target audiences

Defining the audience is an essential part for the preparation of any business plan. Having a target group, as well as information about your interests and most relevant data, will be key to the implementation of, for example, strategies and marketing campaigns. Only when the exact size of the potential market is specified will it be possible to plan the business itself. Here it should be noted that the selection and supply of products from online commerce depends, almost exclusively, on its target audience.

Most of the time, the business idea has already outlined the characteristics of the users to whom the company’s products or services are directed, mainly to differentiate B2B and B2C strategies. The definition of the target audience must specify and deepen questions such as what is the benefit to the client, what are the characteristics of potential clients or whether there are previous studies, statistics or empirical values. This is, perhaps, the best way to determine a realistic target group.

Analysis of the industry and the competition

This section of the business plan contextualizes the company in the current market situation in its sector. Relevant are the data on the size of the market , the current structures and the influencing factors . Of course, the market data and information on the industry must be reliable. In this article you will find more detailed information on the analysis of the industry and the competition.

Although it is important to identify the situation of the industry, the analysis of competitors is a priority . For many entrepreneurs it is essential to know data such as, for example, the density of the competition of their products. In this way, when the risks and opportunities have been clearly identified, the weaknesses of the business will most likely be identified. A clear example would be to concentrate on a highly competitive market that is very sensitive to price. In such a case, an analysis of the industry and competitors would allow rethinking the business to obtain the greatest benefit and reduce the risks. Remember that entering a saturated market is only worth it with a very particular strategy or with an innovative idea.

Marketing strategy

Publicizing the online store and motivating visitors to buy are key aspects to achieve an e-commerce success. In the context of marketing we talk about ” generating conversions ” and it refers mainly to the correct choice of different opportunities and advertising channels. In that sense, the range of options is enormous. Deciding between a newsletter, SEM, SEO or posters to promote an online store will depend on different factors. In addition to the target audience, the individual skills of the people involved in the creation of the online store play an important role, especially because the planning and implementation of a marketing strategy goes hand in hand with budget planning.

The following aspects are also part of the marketing plan:

  • Advertising opportunities
  • Prices
  • Distribution
  • Other services

In electronic commerce, UPS ( Unique Selling Proposition ) or differentiating arguments (eg, fast shipping, free returns) play a decisive role in the decision-making process of customers. Every entrepreneur should use offline and online marketing channels for customer acquisition and loyalty, as well as innovative distribution options, for example through Buzz Marketing . The monitoring of marketing activities, management tools and metrics is also part of a comprehensive business plan.

Organization / Structure of the company

This section of the business plan defines the general organization of the company , including the existing structure and management planning. This begins with the structure of the personnel , from the general direction to the individual employees. Although the competences and abilities of the founder have been previously mentioned, at this point they must be specified in detail, they are organized within the hierarchy of the company and are broken down into different leadership roles. The definition of the structure also includes salaries .

Marketing and distribution should also be considered as a structural aspect, especially for an online store, where sales, purchases and returns are a priority. Administrative issues such as accounting, taxes and legal issues should not be overlooked, as well as the technical aspects related to software for eCommerce and the design of the website.

Financing plan

Carrying out the financing plan to get the initial capital is, most likely, the most complex part of any business plan and its preparation will be much easier if you have the collaboration of a financial expert. For the creation of the financial plan of an online store, the calculations start from a purely commercial point of view. Of special importance are, for example:

  • The sales performance (three to five years plan)
  • The necessary initial capital
  • The information about the liquidity of the company

The financing plan covers three important areas:

Capital needs

At this point, the financial means needed in each stage are defined, which include both the costs for the creation and start-up of the business, as well as operating expenses once it has been put into operation. The key questions are: what does the company need in its different phases (planning, initial phase and development)? In case you do not have sufficient own resources, you must also include the borrowed capital and the debt.

Financing plan

The plan to obtain financing is very useful when defining the proportions of own capital and debt. The calculations of the initial capital needs are the basis of the financing plan. Ideally, the initial capital should be in its own total. However, at the beginning, most online stores require a large investment (eg, to acquire or produce a large volume of products), which almost always results in the acquisition of a debt.

Profitability forecast

Profitability projections include development forecasts for the next three to five years. For both founders and investors, this section estimates the future and the chances of success of the company in a realistic way. Among other things, at this point the expected sales and estimated costs are estimated.

Analysis of risks and opportunities


Once all the aspects mentioned above have been identified, as well as the target market and the sector, it is necessary to carry out a critical analysis of the possible risks and opportunities . This must be a priority insofar as, for example, technical difficulties may arise that may lead to unexpected costs, thus realistically estimating possible risk scenarios. At this point you should consider the creation of different versions of the business plan aimed at different recipients, as p. For example, a business plan does not intend to sell the project to internal employees, its function among them will be to promote trust and positively impact the work environment.

Similarly, it is important to present potential risks in business plans for investors and sponsors. Thus, the business model seems credible, as it is evident that there are no “perfect projects”. Hiding information unnecessarily harms the project. Most investors are forewarned and usually perform a prior risk analysis. A good vulnerability analysis (from the point of view of the founder) is honest, without letting the project be conceived as something negative. A good solution is to add a prevention strategy or possible solution for each risk point and make sure that it is written as clearly as possible within the business plan. The typical components of risk analysis are the cost and the risk of growth, as well as the phases of illiquidity as a consequence of a decrease in sales volume.

A worthwhile effort

A worthwhile effort

The creation of a business plan requires time and dedication. However, those who have developed it recommend it. By collecting the relevant information, a business plan is the perfect tool to identify vulnerabilities and risks. This can even save a company from failure. Basically, it is the final examination of the business idea in terms of its potential and its viability. In addition, it tests the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders and, finally, it is necessary when seeking sponsors or applying for grants.

Convert Shareholder Loans into Equity



Donors convince


For owner-managed companies, it is the rule rather than the exception: the share capital is relatively low, but the entrepreneurs repeatedly lend their company private money. These shareholder loans are indeed debt capital, but in the balance sheet analysis of the banks are normally regarded as debt. See for the scoop

However, for the assessment of the creditworthiness of the company, it would be much better if these funds could be classified as equity. By submitting a subordination order from the lender (in this case the shareholder), a shareholder loan can subsequently also be converted into liable capital or, as banks say, into “equity-like funds”.


What should I do?

What should I do?


In a written subordination order, the lender agrees to withdraw his claim in the rank behind all other creditors of the company. That is, the repayment of loans with subordination clause can be required only if the claims of all other creditors are satisfied. With the introduction of the MoMiG (Law for the modernization of the GmbH right and for the fight against abuses) no special requirements are placed on a subordination order. Since then, shareholder loans are considered as liable capital anyway in the event of insolvency.

Samples for submission declarations are available for free download on the Internet. If you want to make sure that you do not fall into a tax trap, you should coordinate the content of the subordination agreement with the tax adviser.

According to my observations, most banks today still only credit shareholder loans to economic capital if explicit subordination has been agreed.


The consequences

The consequences


The impact on the capital structure can be illustrated in a simple example.

Let’s assume that a company has a balance sheet total of € 1,000 thousand, a share capital of € 50 thousand and a shareholder loan of € 250 thousand.

Excluding the shareholder loan, the equity ratio was only 5% (€ 50 thousand / € 1,000 thousand x 100).

Including the shareholder loan, the equity ratio rises to 30% ((€ 50 thousand + € 250 thousand) / € 1,000 thousand x 100).

The level of the equity ratio has a decisive influence on the rating result. With an equity ratio of 30%, manufacturing companies are also generally considered to be highly capitalized. By contrast, an equity ratio of 5% would be rated very critically. Thus, the equity rating also improves the rating rating. This makes loan financing easier and more favorable.


Credit Calculators – Is It Worth Using Them?

Does everyone have to know finances? Of course not. That’s why we use the help of financial advisors, or we are trying to look for programs on the Internet that can help us get acquainted with various financial aspects. We can see this especially in the case of loans. For example, many people to check how high will be the installment of the loan they plan to incur, they “fire” one of the loan calculators that can help.

The calculator is a simple program, written in the form of a special form, which should be completed to get the final result. Depending on his sophistication, he can give us the installment we will pay by taking a loan from the bank or even he can show us a bank that will have the best offer for us. Of course, in order to get the truth as close as possible to the truth, we have to provide some information, thanks to which the program will be able to count everything for us. What do we usually provide when completing the data? We are talking about gross income, the number of people who are dependent on us, the income of other people in the household, possible installments repaid by us, costs borne by our household, as well as as much information about the loan we want to incur. So we have to state what amount we are interested in, or how many installments we want to spread it. Credit calculator all the information provided “przemieli” and give us the result. It is information on how much we will have to give back to the bank every month, and often we will be asked a bank that can offer us the best loan offer. What’s more, the vast majority of calculators will give us a direct link to the bank, so we will be able to contact him immediately.


Similar calculators are found in the case of so-called payday loans . Here, too, we will be given the best offer, but as loan companies do not investigate creditworthiness, we do not have to provide such a large amount of data in them.

Is it worth using credit calculators ? Certainly yes. Especially when we are not very familiar with the subject of credit and this is a distant subject for us. Thanks to the information obtained thanks to the calculator, we can initially find out what installments we will have to pay back to the bank, thanks to which we will know whether we can afford a loan at all. Similarly, we will get information on how banks will perceive us and whether our creditworthiness is sufficient to obtain a loan. Of course, we have to “apply” appropriately to fill in the form, and also provide correct data. Only then will we be able to get the correct result that will help us get the information we need.

How to Motivate Yourself to Save? Deposits, Bank Accounts


How many times have we promised ourselves that we will start saving from the next month. And we want to do it for various reasons. For some, money is important for retirement, for others, collecting enough money to educate our children, and still others dream of a long journey, for which a considerable amount of money is needed. Unfortunately, very often, our willingness to save, turns out to be “straw enthusiasm” and after a few days after our savings there is no trace left. So what to do to find the motivation to save? There are several ways and we will try to calculate them below.

At the beginning, let’s say what motivation is. Well, this is our internal state, which expresses readiness to take specific actions. In this process, our mental and physical attitude plays a huge role. Of course, at the end of the road, there should be a “reward”, which is the goal for which we save money. So we must set a goal to which we will strive, that is, we must know what we are saving. For some, it will be the already mentioned quiet life in retirement, for the other car, and for some other repayment of debts. There can be millions of goals here, because each of us thinks about something else. When we have our goal, saving will be easier.

Reaching out to our Goals

Reaching out to our Goals

But what to do to not lose enthusiasm and consistently pursue our goal? We have several ways to do it. First, let’s visualize our goal. If we’re picking up a car, cut out his picture and put it on the fridge. Write an annotation next to the photo: “This car will be mine next year”. It helps a lot, because several times a day we see our goal of saving. Another way to keep your motivation is to share information about our savings with friends or family members. If we publicly acknowledge something, it will be harder for us to withdraw from it. Do not forget about saving automation. The savings account and the permanent order can be excellent here. If the money will be deposited “alone”, then it will be easier to put them down. It is also good to spread the amount we need to collect for smaller amounts. It is easier for us to imagine that in each day we need to save PLN 5.5, than PLN 2,000 throughout the year. Do not forget to update your savings status. With our photo on the refrigerator after some time, add: “Even 4 months and the car will be mine.” This definitely raises the motivation to save.

As the people who decided to save, say the most difficult is the first time. When we manage to achieve the ideal goal, when we have another, saving will be much easier for us. And after some time it will give us a habit and we will be able to look with satisfaction at how the sum on our savings account is constantly growing.

What Does The Future Look Like For Retailers?

A few months ago, we published an article, following Amazon’s announcement of its Whole Foods supermarket chain purchase, and why Amazon wants to enter the physical retail market.


In September, the US retail chain Nordstrom announced that they would open a concept store without stock in Los Angeles. Instead of shopping in the store, personal stylists will order goods for the customers. Customers can also buy goods online in the store and pick up their order the same day.


The way we shop is constantly changing and owners of small and medium-sized companies are rightly asking themselves; “Where is the retail road going?”


Just a shop window?


This new concept store without stock from Nordstrom is in a way a variation on what the catalog store Argos has done in the UK for many years.


Argos has almost 850 stores where customers enter the store and browse through catalogs with over 1,500 pages of products. When they have chosen their goods, the customers fill in an order form with the item number of the goods, and submit the form to the assistant. The goods are then collected from the warehouse behind the counter and handed over to the customer.


A grocery store without cash?


In addition to the acquisition of Whole Foods, Amazon this year has also launched its own physical food store, Amazon Go, in Seattle, USA.


What distinguishes Amazon Go from other traditional food stores is that the store does not have any cashouts. All you have to do is have an account on Amazon, download the Amazon Go app, go into the store, shop what you need and go home. The app will charge you.


Branchless banks?


Retail is not the only sector that has embraced new technologies to meet today’s consumer needs. When it comes to financing one’s business and access to loans, one no longer needs to get to the bank, queue up or come in at the agreed time, fill in piles of forms and provide financial documents just to apply.


Ferratum Business is a non-affiliate financial institution whose goal is to help SMEs, where the entrepreneur can easily apply for a loan on the internet, without having to fill in any paper. It only takes a few minutes before the applicant receives a decision and the money is then paid into the account within 24 hours.


The requirements of today’s customers

The requirements of today


Today’s customers are not only looking for the convenience, confidentiality and comfort of managing their business online, but also want to experience satisfaction right away.


Today, when shopping on the internet, one can have to wait several days, yes, sometimes weeks to get their goods, while the new Nordstrom concept store, and what Argos has to offer, is to provide an immediate response to the customer’s needs.


Now the customers no longer have to wait for the weekend, or rush around the shops during lunch and after work to make their purchases. Customers can shop online when they are at work or on the commuter train and pick up their goods shortly thereafter.


So how can these advances in retail affect your small business? What amenities can you offer your customers?